Technicolor Dino started as a goofy playful idea to use my camera as way for me to reconnect with the outdoors around me. The project soon became the focus of my travels and occasional adventures. The 5 foot tall, 10 foot long inflatable dinosaur, I now call Sarah, quickly took over how I see my surroundings. She influenced where I go, what I chose to photograph, and even how I pack. I still use my camera as a tool to document myself throughout my travels, but that documentation is now instead a portrait of Sarah, the Technicolor Dino. 

Once I began photographing Sarah I instantly connected with the project and ran with the idea. I am uncomfortable being the center of attention and never liked taking about myself so Sarah became my surrogate. I am always there and sometimes my shadow may appear in the photo, but Sarah is always the focus. Sarah reflects my childhood interest in plastic toys animals, science and a love of 1980’s neon color. What could be a more natural than translating my love of travel and childhood interests into the documentation of a world-traveling Technicolor Dinos? 

This has translated Sarah into a mascot for my work, and here we are, me and my Dino makin' stuff.